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Our students come from various walks of life. Doyle Hamilton is a perfect example of that statement. He had skills and a working history, but he also had the desire to know more – do more. TCAT’s mission statement first bullet point is “Providing competency-based training through superior quality, traditional and distance learning instruction methods that qualify completers for employment and job advancement.”

Doyle Hamilton - BIO

I was raised in Wynne, AR. In 1973, we lived behind a welding shop called Levco Manufacturing that built stump grinders, ditchers, lowboy trailers, and highboy lift trailers. I started hanging around the shop and after 3 months, the shop foreman said if I was going to hang around there, then I was going to learn how to weld. So for three years, he worked and taught me how to weld. In 1976, I went to work for them part-time and after I turned 18, they hired me fulltime. I worked there for 10 years.

While working for Levco Manufacturing, I joined the Arkansas National Guard. In 1986, I went onto active duty with the US Army. After spending a total of 7 years active duty, I went back into the Guard. In 1994, I went to work for Coca-Cola bottling in Memphis, and held a number of different positions from Driver to District Sales Manager. After being called back to active duty October 2001, I serviced a tour of duty in the South Sinai Desert in Egypt. In December 2002, I retired from the Guard with 24 plus years. In November 2014, I retired from Coca-Cola with 20 plus years.

I wanted to start my own welding business, but I knew I needed to get up to date on the new welding processes. I researched online and found TCAT Covington that was offering the class I needed and in the time frame that worked for me. I stated school in January 2015, and by March 2015, I started my own welding business. I graduated from the Welding Technology Program with my Welding Diploma in December 2015.

December 2015, TCAT Covington had an opening for a Welding Instructor. With my previous work experience/history and new welding skills - I applied for the position. A hiring committee interviewed and approved me for the position. The rest is history. I’m loving every minute of it. TCAT is a great family as a student or employee.